Summer Camp, 2017

General Information


Tuesday 15th to Wednesday 23rd August, 2017

Junior Camp, 9-13 years old
Senior Camp, 13-17 years old
[13 year olds can choose whether to attend Junior or Senior Camp]

Portlick Scout Campsite, Glassan, Athlone, Co Westmeath, Ireland

to be confirmed

Junior Camp, £135 (approx €165)
Senior Camp, £150 (approx €185)

Please note that you can only pay in £ sterling when you register and you can only register & pay online. The € price is only quoted only as an approximate guide to the cost. The price is fully inclusive of everything, except travel to and from Summer Camp.

If you have 2 or more children attending Camp then you are entitled to a 10% discount on the total price. Use the promo code "2CAMPERS" to claim this discount when registering - see further details below under Registration. Also see notes below if from Ranelagh, Belfast, Ballinacrow or Banbridge churches.

Ranelagh Church - is subsidising all youth from Ranelagh Church by 40 euro. 
Belfast Church - is subsidising all youth from Belfast Church by £50.
Ballinacrow Church - is subsidising all youth from Ballinacrow by ... not sure yet ... based on how many attend ... possibly up to 50 euro. Speak to Lorraine.
Banbridge Church - is subsidising all youth from Banbridge Church by 20%.

Our system does not allow us to apply 2 promotional codes! Which means if, for example, you have 2 children attending and you are from Ranelagh Church, if you click full payment you'll either get the 40 euro per child discount OR the 2CAMPERS discount. The way round this is if you have more than 1 child attending to choose either the Deposit or Montly payment options and we can apply both codes manually to make sure you get the right discount!!!

Other funding:
Your church may be willing to help you to attend Camp. Some churches will provide you with a subsidy. Speak to the youth leader or your local pastor about this. See above for Ranelagh, Banbridge, Belfast and Ballinacrow churches.

We are currently seeking volunteer staff for the Camp. If you would like to be considered as a volunteer please APPLY HERE.



This year there's a simple, 1-step process to register for Summer Camp! All you need is your debit / credit card handy as well as your medical information.

The registration deadline is Tuesday 8th August.



Payment Options

There are 3 payment options to help make sure that you CAN afford to send all of your children to Summer Camp!

  1. Full payment upon application - no further explanation necessary!
  2. Deposit of £50 upon application, and then you pay the balance when you arrive to camp
  3. Pay monthly - you pay £45 with your application and then pay the remaining balance off over the next 2-4 months on a monthly basis which you can afford.

Remember that you get a 10% discount if you have 2 or more children attending.

Also, all of the parents in your church should get together and ask the church board if they can help subsidise your child/children to attend Camp. I know some churches do this every year, others don't and need a little bit of a push/encouragement from you :)



Junior Camp

to be confirmed

Programme Outline:

to be confirmed

To download a PDF version of the Junior Camp programme please click here - not yet available.


Senior Camp

to be confirmed

Programme Outline:

to be confirmed

To download a PDF version of the Senior Camp programme please click here - not yet available.


Getting to/from Summer Camp

By Coach:
We will be arranging a coach to travel on the following route: Belfast - Banbridge - Applegreen M1 Service Area, Lusk (Southbound) - Blanchardstown Shopping Centre, Dublin - Liffey Valley Retail Park, Dublin - Portlick Scout Campsite. The coach's return journey will be: Portlick Campsite - Liffey Valley Retail Park, Dublin - Blanchardstown Shopping Centre, Dublin - Applegreen M1 Service Area, Lusk (Northbound) - Banbridge - Belfast.

The cost of the return coach journey is £15 per person from anywhere in Northern Ireland, or £10 per person (approx €12) from anywhere in the Republic of Ireland. The deadline for booking travel by coach is Monday 14th August, the same as the registration deadline.

book coach oneline now!

Outbound Journey (Tue 15th Aug) - to be confirmed

Departs Belfast: 12pm (Seventh-day Adventist Church, 74 Lisburn Road, BT9 6AF)

Arrives Banbridge: 12.45pm (Seventh-day Adventist Church, 9 Newry Road, BT32 3HF)
Departs Banbridge 12.55pm

Arrives Castlebellingham M1 Services (Southbound): 1.40pm
Departs Castlebellingham M1 Services: 1.50pm

Arrives City North Hotel, M1: 2.15pm
Leave City North Hotel, M1: 2.20pm

Arrives M1 South Service Area, Lusk (Southbound): 2.35pm TOILET STOP
Departs Service Area: 3pm

Arrives Blanchardstown Centre, Dublin: 3.30pm (general map - detailed map)
Departs Blanchardstown Centre, Dublin: 3.40pm

Arrives McDonalds @ Liffey Valley Retail Park: 3.50pm
Departs Liffey Valley: 4pm

Arrives Portlick Scout Campsite: 5.40pm

Return Journey (Wed 23rd Aug) - UPDATE


The coach will no longer be stopping at Blanchardstown to drop off on Wednesday, only Liffey Valley.

The new itinerary for Wednesday 23rd August is as follows:


Depart Portlick Campsite 12pm
Liffey Valley 1.15pm
Lusk Apple Green 1.40pm (driver will take a break)
Banbridge 2.40pm
Belfast 3.30pm


By Car:
Of course, it's also possible for your to travel to the Summer Camp yourself, by car. You can find directions to Portlick Scout Campsite on their website or you can download a PDF file with the directions and then print them off.


Arrival / Departure

Tuesday 15th August - registration is from 4pm - 6pm. Please arrive between these times.

The first meal included is Tuesday evening.

Wednesday 23rd August - departure is from 11am-12pm. Please plan to depart between these times.

The last meal included is Wednesday breakfast, although for those travelling on the return journey on the coach, a packed lunch will be available.



Sleeping accommodation: we will be providing the tents for everyone to sleep in. Each camper will share a tent/tent compartment with at least one other person. All activities etc will be outside or in the campsite hall. It is 9 days of out-doors in the sunshine – hopefully – anyway (fingers crossed)!

Seniors who are 16 years of age or older are allowed to bring their own tent, with prior consent - please send an email to , if you require more information.


What to bring ... and what not to bring!

What to Bring...

Everyone needs to bring their Bible, enough warm & summer clothes for the time you’ll be there, raincoat, sports gear, wash stuff (yes, you’ll need to have a shower!), your passport / travel documents (if you need them), pocket money, sleeping bag, single sleeping mat / single air mattress (no frame camp beds please), a decent torch with spare batteries (very important), cutlery – knife, fork, spoon, mug/cup, plate & bowl (& spare ones if you think you will break some!), pillow, warm hat for the evenings plus anything else you may require. Welly boots would be a good idea, too. It can rain a lot!!!

Everyone will also need to make sure that they bring at least 2 pairs of trainers (one pair should preferably be an old pair so they can get wet and dirty during the water activities), 2 towels, and swim gear. Everyone will be taking part in water activities so please bring the stuff you need.

For our Saturday worship service you are welcome to dress up, although this is not required!

...and what not to bring!

Obviously there are certain items that are banned from Camp – alcohol, drugs, any of kind cigarettes or vaping equipment, knives and anything which may be considered as potentially harmful towards yourself or others. We would discourage you from bringing any electrical equipment or anything valuable such as mobile phones, iPod’s, Nintendo DS’s or similar items. Although there will be facilities for charging mobile phones we cannot take any responsibility for the safety of any electrical equipment – better safe than sorry ... so why not leave them at home! There is also very little mobile phone reception onsite - and it doesn't matter which network you're with.

Please also do not bring sweets etc with you to camp! Sweet things, including drinks attract flies and wasps. It is not permitted to bring items to sell at Camp. Camp staff cannot accept any responsibility for any valuables brought to Camp.



Code of Conduct

Each camper and parent will be required to agree to the Camp Code of Conduct. You can download a PDF file of this by clicking here.


Reference Documents - not yet available unless linked in

Staff Registration Letter

Camper's Registration Letter

Code of Conduct

Junior Camp Programme (coming soon)

Senior Camp Programme (soming soon)

Directions to Portlick Scout Campsite